My name is Angel, photographer originally from the Canary Islands, Spain. I am based in London, UK and working worldwide sharing my photos online. I used to play in some rock bands back in Spain just for fun since I was a teen and a love for music brought me to England. I found my passion for photography while exploring the city and photographing rookie rock bands in London.

 I love to capture the everyday moments of people in a natural and authentic way. Specialised in creating local content of the city where I live.

Really enjoy meeting people, playing the guitar to feel alive and reading when got some time to relax.

I usually work with my partner in crime Anthony Miller, you can find us whichever day of the week at some coffee shop in Chelsea (if you find out which one) planing our next move.

I am collaborator for some stock photo and video distribution agencies as Westend61, Cavan and Getty.

Welcome to my portfolio!